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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exeter Roman Wall

Exeter was once a Roman city, named Isca Dumnoniorum, after the Roman legions took over the town from the local Celtic tribes. Isca seems to have been the local name for the Exe River and the Dumnonii were the tribe then inhabiting Devon and Cornwall.
Exeter was the most south-westerly Roman fortress in England and became the starting point of the Fosse Way Roman road.

Exeter Roman Wall

The Roman presence dates from 55 CE and parts of the 2 mile wall they built to defend their settlement still survive, though the wall was added to in Saxon times by Alfred the Great and again during the time of the English Civil War in the 1640s when the Royalists held out against Cromwell.

Exeter Roman Wall

The wall makes for an interesting history trail and the Exeter Tourist Office can supply you with a free leaflet to help you understand the different historical aspects of the wall. The original wall was construction with locally-quarried grey volcanic stone and stood at a height of about 6 meters.

Exeter Roman Wall

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