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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's all gone Pete Tong!

Subheading (said in a gruff, deep voice): 'When Teenagers Turn Bad'

Pete Tong = Cockney rhyming slang for 'It's all gone wrong'.

The big news this week in Devon is the party that went wrong as far as the owners of the house (actually a Grade II Listed Georgian mansion, so I can't feel that sorry for them) are concerned. The party goers all seemed to have had a good time as evidenced by the videos now on the web:


An 18-year-old girl advertised her party at her school and her web spaces saying anyone could come so of course everyone did come. Up to 2000 are some estimates. They trashed the place!

Her mother blames Pete Tong, a DJ on BBC Radio 1 who gave the following 'Shout Out':

"We're getting ready for a huge mansion party - 500 plus people going - it's in Bovey. Tracey in Devon tipping us off on that, anyone who's listening can come along, apparently, just say 'hi' to Marilyn Monroe on the door."

Pete has obviously never been to this part of the world since he mistook the town Bovey Tracey, thinking Tracey was the girls name. The BBC say he didn't give the address or the families name so they don't think he/the BBC are at fault. But then he does have an audience of 100's of thousands if not millions so maybe not such a bright thing to do even without the details.

I read in one paper that the girl realised it was all getting out of hand but didn't have the nerve to tell her mother. She knows all about it now.

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