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Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Alloted Ment

Our allotment.
Here are some pictures of our new (relatively - 6 months old) allotment. It is 100 feet long by 15 wide, which is half the width of a normal allotment - too many people want them and the standard size is a lot of work for our modern way of life.

It's a lot of time and will take years to get rid of the Couch Grass alone. Plus the snails and slugs have eaten all our onions, chives, beetroot and lettuce! I've resorted to using organic, blue slug pellets. What makes them organic I don't know and I hate doing it because I don't want to kill anything, let alone through poisoning. But we have to feed ourselves, not the surrounding countryside. Our neighbours are using beer traps which seem to be working well for them so they will go in the ground for us too soon.

The view down the valley is fantastic, you can just seen Hay Tor on the horizon at the top of the hills.

Valley view with Hay Tor in distance.
Our neighbours are doing much better, they've all been at it a long time now and it shows. I look forward to the day when ours is half as organised or fruitful.

Our neighbours allotment.

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