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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hardy's Cottage Higher Bockhampton

Hardy's Cottage (Tel: 01305 262366) is in Higher Bockhampton, just outside Dorchester. Hardy was born in 1840 in this small thatched house with a pleasant English garden and lived here until the age of 34.

Hardy's Cottage Higher Bockhampton

The cramped interior gives some idea of Hardy's far from wealthy upbringing as the son of a stonemason, in comparison to the grandeur of Max Gate - the house he had built after his success as a novelist and poet was assured.

Dorchester & Thomas Hardy

Hardy's Cottage
Higher Bockhampton
Dorset DT2 8QJ
Tel: 01305 262366

Hours: 15 Mar–29 Oct 09; 11am-5pm
Admission 3.50 GBP

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