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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lyme Regis Aquarium

Located on the historic Cobb in an old, wooden harbour warehouse, the Lyme Regis Aquarium in Lyme Regis, contains a collection of locally found fish and marine creatures.

Lyme Regis Aquarium

Run by a local family - the Gollops, the aquarium building dates from 1723 (though the museum opened in 1958) - look out for the 19th century Toll Board affixed to the outside of the building.

Lyme Regis Aquarium

Creatures on display include local crabs, lobsters, starfish and a number of species of fish: dogfish, plaice, dab, mullet and wrasse.

Lyme Regis Aquarium
The Cobb
Lyme Regis
Tel: 01297 444230
Map of Lyme Regis Aquarium

Open between March and October from 10am-5pm. Also open in the February half term period. Adults £5.00, Seniors £4.50, Children £4.50.

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