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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Salcombe Devon

Salcombe, in the South Hams, is one of the country's most beautiful spots for sailing and yatching.


Now an up-market resort for the yachting set, Salcombe's history was as a fishing port and boat-building and repair centre.


Salcombe gets very busy in summer as visitors throng the narrow streets. There is an old ruined Civil War-era castle, Fort Charles, at the entrance to the harbour, the Salcombe Maritime Museum and some recommended seafood restaurants and pubs to keep you entertained.

Many of the properties in the village are second homes for people in the capital.

Salcombe is five miles downriver from Kingsbridge on the mouth of the Kingsbridge estuary. The hourly #606 bus connects the two places. There's a tourist office just off Whitestrand Quay.

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