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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

The 7-mile (11km) walk between Lyme Regis and Seaton is part of the much longer South West Coast Path through the Undercliffs National Nature Reserve and can easily be done in a day.

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

The path passes through beautiful and varied countryside including woodland, grassland and wheatfields. There are occasionally spectacular views of the sea in Lyme Bay as you walk. The frequent landslides and general inaccessibility of the area have created a fascinating natural habitat, full of interesting plants and animals. Look out for the wonderful ferns, ash and field maple.

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

The walk is described as moderate/strenuous but there are few, if any really steep climbs, and the whole journey was easily accomplished by my eight-year-old. Allow for around 4-5 hours if you have frequent stops and walk at a leisurely pace. Walking boots and a stick may come in handy as the path can be muddy. Bring food and drink for your journey.

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

The path is signposted from the car park near Lyme Regis Bowling Club and continues up the cliff to a flat grassland with views back into Lyme. The longer middle section leads through luxuriant woodland criss-crossed by streams. Towards Seaton, the path emerges onto the cliff top of Haven Cliff and leads out to Axe Cliff Golf Course and the Axe Bridge (Britain's oldest concrete bridge dating from 1877).

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

It was in the Haven Cliff area that Britain's largest recorded landslip occurred in 1839. The Bindon Landslip drew thousands of curious Victorian tourists as 15 acres of land slipped seaward creating a huge chasm and the outcrop known as Goat Island in the bay.

After refreshment in Seaton, walkers can continue 2 miles onto Beer or return by CoastlinX53 bus to Lyme Regis and marvel at how far you have just tramped.

Lyme Regis To Seaton Undercliffs Walk

South West Coast Path

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