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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

National Cycle Network Sustrans

The National Cycle Network grew out of the work of Bristol-based Sustrans, the UK's leading sustainable transport charity.

The first official part of the National Cycle Network was the Bristol & Bath Railway Path, a 13-mile traffic-free bicycle trail along a disused railway linking the two cities.

National Cycle Network Sustrans

Money provided by the UK National Lottery lead to the growth of the network which now stretches 12,000 miles across much of the country. The network is signposted using a white bicycle symbol on a blue background with the route number indicated in a red box.

National Cycle Network Sustrans

The ceramic map showing the route (pictured above) is in the waterfront area in Bristol near Pero's Bridge.

Cycling in Devon

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1 comment:

Chris Hutt said...

Bristol & Bath Railway Path is 13 miles, not 17.

The ceramic map is not in Queen Square.

The first parts of the NCN were the thousands of miles of country lanes that make up the bulk of it.