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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pero's Bridge Bristol

Linking Queen Square and Millennium Square on Bristol's waterfront, Pero's Bridge is a pedestrian, bascule (moveable) bridge at St Augustine's Reach in Bristol Harbour.

Pero's Bridge, Bristol

The bridge, which was designed by Irish artist Eilis O'Connell and built by Ove Arup & Partners in 1999 is named after "Pero" the black slave of local merchant John Pinney (1740-1818).

Bristol's wealth as a port was built up on the back of the slave trade and the naming of the bridge after a former slave is recognition of this.

John Pinney's former 18th century residence is now a museum - The Georgian House - at 7, Great George Street, just off Park Street. Pinney's elegant, six-storey, townhouse was built between 1788 and 1791.

Pero's Bridge, Bristol

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