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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fish & Chips

Fish and chips were once Britain's favourite fast food. Originating in the mid-ninetenth century in London, fish n' chips, wrapped in newspaper and served with salt and malt vinegar became a staple of the working classes and a British cultural icon.

The fish is predominately cod or haddock fried in batter made from breadcrumbs. The chips are thickly cut and were traditionally fried in lard or dripping, but nowadays mostly in vegetable oil.

Fish and chips in a pub

Fish and chips can be bought all over the UK from fish and chip shops and also on the menu of many pubs. A number of fish and chip shops are operated by the Chinese community in the UK with Wong's on the A6 in Stockport being a particular favourite.

Also in Stockport, just down the A6 to the south, Ashton's in also well loved for its excellent fish and chips.

Blackstock's in Chester has a good reputation for its fish and chips, while Harry Ramsden's has become a nationwide chain.

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