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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cadbury Castle

Cadbury Castle in Somerset is strongly associated with the Arthurian legend. An Iron Age fort was located on the limestone hill which lies 5 miles north east of Yeovil. Cadbury Castle is on the oldest known castles in England.

Archaeologists have discovered Iron Age, Roman and Saxon remains at Cadbury Castle, which is believed to have been inhabited since Neolithic times. Finds from previous excavations are on display at Somerset County Museum in Taunton.

It is possible that the Romans stormed the fort around 50AD but the evidence excavated from the site is mixed and uncertain as to the likelihood of this violent event having actually occurred.

The hill is 500 feet high and affords magnificent views as far as Glastonbury Tor on a fine day.

Cadbury Castle is located near the village of South Cadbury, along a small road which leaves the A303 at Chapel Cross, 1 and a half miles east of Sparkford. There is free parking at the site and a single, often muddy trail, leads up to the summit.
Map of Cadbury Castle

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