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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Corinium Museum Cirencester

The imaginative Corinium Museum not far from the parish church of St John the Baptist is a must-see on any visit to Cirencester.

Corinium was the name of the large, provincial capital and flourishing trade centre under the Romans.

The Corinium Museum displays a large collection of Roman and Saxon remains and has a number of fine mosaic pavements. Highlights include Roman stone columns, jewellery and grave stones.

The Saxon gallery holds the reconstructed body of 6th century Anglo-Saxon princess and some of the many treasures buried with her.

The medieval gallery in the Corinium Museum reveals the economic impact that the local wool trade had on the town of Cirencester and its Abbey.

Totally refurbished in 2004, this impressive museum has hands-on exhibits, audio-visual, interactive displays, an interesting shop and can be of particular interest to children and school groups.

The Corinium Museum also has temporary exhibitions featuring arts and crafts, often by local artists.

Corinium Museum
Park Street
Tel: 01285 655 611

Google map of Corinium Museum Cirencester

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