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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Davenport Arms Woodford

The Davenport Arms not far from Woodford Aerodrome near Stockport is a friendly, family-run pub with a growing reputation for its food.

The pub, which was built in the 18th century and was originally part of the Capesthorne Estate, has a pleasant beer garden at the back with views of the surrounding countryside.

The Davenport Arms is opposite the picturesque church of St James & St Paul, which dates back to 1343 and is claimed to be the oldest half timber church still in use in Europe.

The Davenports were the King's game wardens for the nearby forests of Leek and Macclesfield and in the living room above the bar is a room where tenants paid their rent and trials took place.

A grisly tale, very likely apocryphal, is that a young boy was caught killing a deer and was sentenced to hanging. The Davenports were known to strictly enforce the Forest Laws and their Coat of Arms featured a felon with a rope around his neck. The hangman was called and duly dispatched the hooded victim only to discover it was his own son. The distraught father promptly hung himself in grief.

The excellent beer, which includes local Robinson's Best Bitter, Old Stockport Bitter, Old Tom, Hatter's Mild plus guest beers added to a roaring open fire make for a cosy atmosphere, just right for the telling of ghost stories from England's ye olde past.

Davenport Arms
550 Chester Road
Tel: 08714 329005
Map of the Davenport Arms

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