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Friday, September 24, 2010

Kelston Round Hill

Kelston Round Hill is probably an ancient Barrow. The word 'Kelston' itself could be translated as "Hill of the Celts". The Romans may have christened it so when they occupied Bath. Kelston Round Hill is located in the Lansdown area to the west of Bath. The photograph below shows the permissive path giving access to the summit.

Kelston Round Hill

Kelston Round Hill cannot be approached by car but is accessible by foot, on mountain bike, or on horseback. Visitors should follow the Cotswold Trail and/or bridle path from western Bath to approach Kelston Round Hill. Upon nearing Kelston Round Hill, permissive paths (see below) allow access to the summit.

Kelston Round Hill
From the summit of Kelston Round Hill, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside including views of Bath (see below).

Kelston Round Hill
Looking in the opposite direction , visitors can see as far as Bristol (see below). See a map of Kelston Round Hill


Rabicca said...

Great photos. Could you help me I used to walk up Kelston Round hill many years ago and can't remember where do you start the walk to get there. My best friend wants to go there next spring to put her parents ashes as this is where they began their courtship.

JW said...

I start from Weston Recreation Ground and follow the Cotswold Trail to a bridle path and then look for Kelston Round Hill on the left.