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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sham Castle in Bath

The Sham Castle in Bath was erected in 1762 by Ralph Allen, entrepeneur, philosopher, and one time Postmaster of Bath. The construction of the Sham Castle was intended to improve the view from Ralph Allen's townhouse.

The Sham Castle site was restored and presented to the city in 1921. Ralph Allen also built the Palladian mansion Prior Park in Bath.

Sham Castle in Bath

Working with the architect John Wood, Ralph Allen used his postal wealth to acquire nearby stone quarries and successfully promoted the use of his Bath Stone for the building of Bath. Bath Stone was of course used to construct the Sham Castle.

Sham Castle in Bath

The Sham Castle offers an excellent view of the City of Bath (see below) from its lofty perch near the University of Bath on Bathwick Hill.

view from the Sham Castle in Bath

Access to the Sham Castle is via Golf Course Road in Bath. The golf course itself is private. Access can also be had via the Bath Skyline walking trail.

Sham Castle
Golf Course Rd, Bath, Avon
Map of the Sham Castle Bath

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1 comment:

Evelyn said...

Any info on who the master mason of Sham Castle might be? I have Richard Jones on one page and then on another a Richard James. He is also referred to as being the planner of Sham Castle. Would love to know for sure.

The Castle Lady