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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chipping Camden

Chipping Camden has been described as the loveliest village in the Cotswolds. Chipping Camden is a model for what would have been a prosperous wool town in the Middle Ages. Chipping Camden was one of the most important wool market towns in medieval times. In fact, the word 'chipping' means market.


Chipping Camden's short high street is hemmed by ancient buildings. This area is full of day trippers during the peak summer months.

high street
Chipping Camden's Market Hall (see below) was erected in 1627. The Market Hall provided shelter for the local produce market.

market hall
Chipping Camden's Banqueting House was built in 1613 by Sir Baptist Hicks. The Banqueting House was destroyed 32 years later by retreating Royalists and only fragments remain (see below). The Banqueting House site is open to visitors only 22 days a year.

banqueting house
Chipping Camden is located near the A44 and is not far from Hidcote Manor Garden and Snowshill Manor & Garden.
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