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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Christ Church College Oxford

Christ Church College at Oxford University was founded by Cardinal Wolsey as Cardinal's College in 1524 on the site of a monastery dating back to the 9th century AD. Today about 450 undergraduates and 150 graduates study at Christ Church College in Oxford.

Christ Church College Oxford
The Dining Hall at Christ Church College (see below) is famous for its portraits and hammer-beam roof. This refectory is the inspiration for the dining room at Hogwart's School in the Harry Potter movies.

Christ Church College Oxford
One of Christ Church College's most famous alumni was Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland fame. His portrait is there (see below) and he ate more than 8000 meals in the Dining Hall pictured above.

Christ Church College Oxford
Christ Church College is located in Oxford. Visitors are welcomed throughout the year (Monday to Saturday: 9am - 5pm, and Sunday: 2pm - 5pm).

Christ Church
St. Aldates
Tel: 01865 276492
Map of Christ Church College

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