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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Sarum

The history of human habitation at Old Sarum dates from neolithic times (around 3000BC). A hill fort was erected by local inhabitants on Old Sarum around 500BC, and the Romans occupied the site from 43AD to 410AD. Later, the area was controlled by the Anglo Saxons and became one of the most important towns in the West Kingdom. Today, the site is managed by English Heritage.

Old Sarum

Visitors to Old Sarum today can see the remains of a Norman castle (see below) built around the year 1069AD.

Old Sarum
Visitors to Old Sarum can also see the remains of a cathedral and bishop's palace (see below) constructed between 1075AD and 1092AD.

Old Sarum
Old Sarum is located just off the A345. Old Sarum is located near Salisbury Cathedral and Mompesson House.

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Map of Old Sarum

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