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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reverend George Austen's Grave

The Reverend George Austen, father of the author Jane Austen, died and was buried in Bath in 1805.

The Reverend George Austen was buried in the churchyard of St. Swithin's Church in Bath.

The Reverend George Austen had married Cassandra Leigh, Jane Austen's mother, in the same church in 1764. The much weathered grave stone (see below) can be viewed by visitors.

Rev. George Austen's Grave
Adjacent to the grave stone, a plaque (see below) was erected in 2000 by the Jane Austen Society.

Rev. George Austen's Grave
St. Swithins Church
Bath, BA1 5LY
Phone: 01225 789168

© 2010 John Westby

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