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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sally Lunn's Bath

Sally Lunn's in Bath lays claim to be the oldest house in the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Sally Lunn, aka Solange Luyon, came to Bath in 1680 via Bristol fleeing persecution in France as a Huguenot refugee. She set up a bakery in the house selling French style brioche, which became the famous "Sally Lunn Bun" - not to be confused with the equally well known "Bath Bun."

Nowadays Sally Lunn's presents a tea and bun menu in the morning and afternoon and traditional English food in the evening.

Sally Lunn Bath UK

The kitchen museum inside the teahouse is open daily from 10am-6pm (11am Sundays; 30p admission for adults or free if you take refreshment) and preserves the kitchen just as it was in Sally's day.

Sally Lunn's Bath

The actual house is said to date from 1482 and the Roman and Medieval foundations of the house and discoveries from excavations are on display.

Sally Lunns House
4 North Parade Passage
Tel: 01225 461 634
Map of Sally Lunn's Bakery

Sally Lunn's Bath

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