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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stockport Market

The very old market at Stockport was at the heart of the original medieval town at the foot of St. Mary's Church.

Stockport Market place dates back to the 15th century and Stockport Market itself received its charter way back in 1260.

Threatened with redevelopment at the turn of the twentieth century, the market was saved by a citizens' petition and a regeneration project with National Lottery money restored the Covered Market Hall to its former Victorian glory.

Market stalls are now housed in a Victorian Covered Market Hall, a Produce Hall opposite and on the streets around them. The street market is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with the Covered Market and Produce Market also open on Thursdays in addition to Tuesday, Friday and Saturday as well.

Sadly the market's popularity is threatened once again by the preponderance of huge drive-in supermarkets in the suburbs of the town that keep many people away.

Stockport expanded during the industrial revolution to become a centre of hat manufacturing and grim industrial landscapes pictured by Friedrich Engels in his classic "The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844" but the market place has survived as a reminder of Stockport's earlier history.

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Stockport Market

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