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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stockport Town Hall

Stockport Town Hall on the A6 (Wellington Road South) near Stockport Station is geared nowadays more to weddings, conferences and ballroom and sequence dancing events rather than local administration, which largely takes place elsewhere, though Council and committee meetings continue to be held here.

Stockport Town Hall was officially opened in 1908 and is famous for its striking baroque facade of white Portland Stone, earning it the nickname of the "Wedding Cake Town Hall".

The architect Alfred Brumwell Thomas was something of a town hall specialist and was also responsible for the town halls in Belfast, Portsmouth and Woolwich.

It's possible to tour the interior with its marble staircases, stained glass windows, Wurlitzer organ and ornate wood carvings through appointment. See the number below for event inquiries.

The Wurlitzer 'Publix 1' organ was one of only sixteen of its kind ever made and was designed by the American theatre organist Jesse Crawford. The organ and its music are the centerpiece of the popular ballroom dancing events held in the magnificent ballroom.

Stockport Town Hall
Edward Street
Tel: 0161 474 3451
Map of Stockport Town Hall

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