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Monday, November 22, 2010

Corsham Court

The present house at Corsham Court (see below) was built in 1582 by Thomas Smythe. Prior to that, Corsham had been a royal manor since Saxon times, supposedly a seat of Ethelred the Unready (968-1016AD). Later, Corsham became part of the queen's dower going to two of Henry VIII's wives, Catherine of Aragon and Katherine Parr. Corsham Court is now privately owned. Visitors to Corsham Court can enjoy the house's significant art collection.

Corsham Court
Between 1761 and 1764, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was commissioned to redesign the house and landscape the park (see below). The commission was for Brown second in importance only to that he received for Blenheim Palace.

Corsham Court
In modern times, Corsham Court has been a home for 8 generations of the Methuen family, and in 1796, Paul Cobb Methuen commissioned John Nash to remodel the north facade of the house. Nash also built the folly seen below.

Corsham Court is open to visitors for the summer season from 20th March - 30th September daily except Mondays and Fridays (but incl. Bank Holidays) from 2 until 5:30PM and for the winter season from 1st October - 19th March open weekends from 2 until 4:30PM, but Corsham Court is closed for the month of December.

Visitors to Corsham Court may also want to visit nearby AlmshousesSaint Bartholomew's Church, or The Flemish Weaver pub.

Corsham Court
Church St
Corsham SN13
Tel: 01249 701 610
Corsham Court Map

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