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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holt Spa

Holt Spa was one of the oldest and most successful of the Wiltshire spas. Holt Spa dates from 1713. The most important historical record of Holt Spa is a pamphlet entitled, A brief account of the Holt waters, containing one hundred and twelve eminent cures, written by Henry Eyre in 1731. The Holt Spa fell into disuse by 1850.

Holt Spa
Very little remains of Holt Spa to be seen by visitors except the recessed area with antique pump seen above and the inscription seen below.

Holt Spa
Visitors to Holt in Wiltshire can find these remnants of Holt Spa on the walking trail between two National Trust properties, The Courts Garden and Great Chalfield Manor. Starting from The Courts Garden, visitors should walk north, crossing the B3107, and turn right after the Village Hall along a street called The Midlands. The remnants of Holt Spa can be seen on the left side after passing a tannery and a converted fire station.

Holt Spa Map

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