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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Waterhay is in the western section of the Cotswold Water Park. The Cotswold Water Park is an area of 40 square miles and 140 lakes which were formed as the result of gravel extraction. Visitors to Waterhay can access walking and horseback riding trails around some of these lakes.

The lakes near Waterhay feature sparkling clear water and an abundance of bird life including Reed buntings and Kingfishers.

The Waterhay Hide (seen below) is accessible to visitors and provides opportunities for bird watching.

Waterhay is located in the western section of the Cotswold Water Park near the A419. Visitors to Waterhay may also want to visit nearby Cirencester Park, Tetbury or Malmesbury Abbey.
Waterhay Map
Tel: 01793 752413 (Cotswold Water Park general information)

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