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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Caerleon Fortress Baths

Caerleon in Wales is the site of the Roman fortress of Isca. As part of that fortress, the Romans built a bath house and exercise facility. The ruins of that facility can be seen by visitors at the excellent Roman Baths Museum in Caerleon (see below).

Caerleon Fortress Baths
Upon entering the Roman Baths Museum, the visitor encounters the natatio (outdoor swimming pool) used by the Roman Second Augustan Legion. A projection system has been used to recreate the water (see below) and swimming Romans. The Fortress Baths exhibition also includes interactive computer games.

Caerleon Fortress Baths
Evidence of the ancient Romans, including a footprint frozen in time (see below), can be viewed by visitors.

Caerleon Fortress Baths

Other areas of the bath house (see below) including the apodyterium (heated changing rooms) and frigidarium (cold plunge pools) are on view for visitors.

Caerleon Fortress Baths
The Roman Baths Museum is located on the High Street in Caerleon. Parking is available in the Bull Inn car park in front of the museum. Visitors can also easily access the nearby White Castle.

High Street
NP18 1AE
Tel: 01633 422518
Caerleon Fortress Baths Map

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