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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ebbor Gorge

Ebbor Gorge is a national nature reserve which encompasses a woodland on the southern escarpment of the Mendip Hills. Most of the woodland trees are ash or planted oak but there are also whitebeam, wych elm, and field maple. Ebbor Gorge is also interesting for its geological features which include small caves in which evidence of ice age mammals and stone and bronze age man have been found.

Ebbor Gorge
Visitors to Ebbor Gorge will find well-marked trails leading through and around the gorge which bring the visitor to impressive rock faces like the one below. The longest trail, 'The Gorge Scramble,' is about 2 kilometers long and takes around 1 hour.

Ebbor Gorge
Visitors to Ebbor Gorge may also encounter the fearsome beast pictured below.

Ebbor Gorge
Hiking along the trail will bring the visitor to this overlook (see below) at which you can see Glastonbury Tor in the background.

Ebbor Gorge
Visitors to Ebbor Gorge may also want to visit nearby Wells Cathedral or the Bishop's Palace and Gardens.

Ebbor Gorge National Nature Reserve
Upper Milton
Nr Wookey Hole
Tel: 01749 672552
Ebbor Gorge Map

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