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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mayor's Parlor in Bath

During the autumn half-term in October each year, museums in Bath & North East Somerset arrange a week of free events and activities for children and local residents. That week is called 'Heritage Open Week'. One of the events is the opening of the Mayor's Parlor to visitors. Visitors to the Mayor's Parlor can view the Mayor's Collar of Office (below left). The collar was made in 1850 and is comprised of 4 portcullises which represent the gates to the city, the Elizabethan Tudor Rose, and the Bath Knot. The city coat of arms is on the badge which hangs from the collar.

The Mayor's Parlor in Bath
Visitors to the Mayor's Parlor can also view the pair of maces (see below) which Queen Elizabeth I authorized to be carried before the mayor in her charter of 1590AD. The current maces date from 1706 and were purchased for about £60.

The Mayor's Parlor in Bath
Visitors to the Mayor's Parlor can also view the various city charters granted over the years. The earliest (top left below) is from Richard I (The Lionheart) and dates from 1189. The most important (below on the right) is from Queen Elizabeth I and dates from 1590.

The Mayor's Parlor in Bath
The Mayor's Parlor is located in the Guildhall and accessed from Bath's High Street.
Museums taking part in Heritage Open Week include The Roman Baths, Fashion Museum, Victoria Art Gallery, Museum of East Asian Art, No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath Postal Museum, Radstock Museum, Museum of Bath at Work, Holburne Museum, American Museum, and many others.

Mayor's Office, Guildhall
Mayor's Parlor Map

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