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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle is a fairly magical place. Begun in the 1430s for show rather than battle, Raglan Castle held out for 13 weeks against Oliver Cromwell's forces during the English Civil War. The parliamentary forces then proceeded to demolish the castle which left it in its present state.

Raglan Castle is well known for its Tudor styling and is most closely associated with William ap Thomas, who fought with King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. Due to William ap Thomas' experiences in France, the French influence on Raglan Castle is considerable.

Raglan Castle
The French influence on Raglan Castle includes the polygonal shape and double-drawbridge arrangement of the keep, unique in Britain. The Great Tower, a.k.a.'The Yellow Tower of Gwent,' is a striking feature at Raglan which was designed by William ap Thomas in the contemporary French style.

Raglan Castle
The Great Tower (see below) which was unfortunately destroyed by parliamentary troops is surrounded by a moat.

Raglan Castle
Visitors who climb the Great Tower are treated to remarkable views of the castle and keep (see below).

Raglan Castle
Raglan Castle is located on the A40 in Raglan, Monmouthshire in Wales. Visitors to Raglan Castle may also want to visit nearby Tintern Abbey, White Castle or Caerleon.

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Raglan Castle Map

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