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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey was celebrated by the poet William Wordsworth in his poem, Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, written in 1798. Tintern Abbey was founded by Walter de Clare, Lord of Chepstow in 1131AD. The abbey is situated on the Welsh bank of the River Wye which separates Monmouthshire in Wales from Gloucestershire in England. This Gothic church was built in the Decorated style of red sandstone. The present ruins of Tintern Abbey represent around 400 years of building between 1136 and 1536. Today, Tintern Abbey ranks as one of the most important ruins in Wales.

Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey was only the second Abbey founded by the Cistercians in Britain and the first in Wales. The Cistercians were one of the most successful orders of the 12th and 13th centuries and lived a highly austere lifetsyle which included a vow of silence. One exception to this austerity was the monks' daily allowance of 8 pints of ale.

Tintern Abbey
Visitors to the Abbey can enter the ruined interior of the church (see below). The church had a cruciform plan with an aisled nave.

Tintern Abbey
Visitors to Tintern Abbey can also visit the chapter house (see below). In this once vaulted chamber, faults were confessed and penances assigned.

Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey is located on the A466 north of Chepstow in Wales.

Visitors to Tintern Abbey may also want to visit nearby Raglan Castle or Caerleon.

Tintern Abbey
Tintern, Chepstow
NP16 6SE
Tel: 01291 689251

Tintern Abbey Map

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