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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The William Herschel Museum

The William Herschel Museum in Bath showcases the home of two of history's great astronomers, William Herschel and his sister Caroline Herschel. William Herschel's discoveries included the planet Uranus in 1781 as well as infrared radiation in 1800. His sister discovered 8 comets. William Herschel was also a talented musician and composer who composed among other things 24 symphonies.

The William Herschel Museum
Visitors to the William Herschel Museum in Bath can view several likenesses of the man including the one below.

The William Herschel Museum
William Herschel was also well-known as a maker of telescopes. Visitors to the museum in Bath can see a replica of one of his telescopes (see below). Visitors can also view the equipment he used to make the telescopes, including the smelter and polishing equipment he used for the mirrors in his telescopes.

The William Herschel Museum
Behind Herschel's home (now the museum) is the garden (see below) from which Herschel made his observations and discoveries (including Uranus).

The William Herschel Museum
The William Herschel Museum is located on New King Street in Bath. Visitors to the museum may also want to visit nearby Prior Park, Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey or the Assembly Rooms.

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy
19 New King Street
Tel: 01225 446865
The William Herschel Museum Map

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