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Friday, January 7, 2011


The mangonel is a seige weapon which dates from classical antiquity. The mangonel is a form of catapult which hurls stones or other missiles by means of a single arm propelled by torsion from a skein of twisted rope or sinew.


The mangonel (see below) was a relatively inefficient weapon because of its massive size and the smallish size of the missiles it could hurl. The mangonel weighed nearly 3 tons and could hurl 5 kg missiles 110 metres. The mangonel was probably used to hurl incendiary missiles rather than to attack castle walls.

The mangonel seen above is a working model which can be viewed by visitors to Caerphilly Castle.

Caerphilly Castle is located between the B4600 and B4623 in central Caerphilly in southern Wales just north of Cardiff. Visitors to Caerphilly Castle may also want to visit the nearby Caerleon Fortress Baths, Caerleon Amphitheatre or Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon.

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Caerphilly Castle Map

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