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Friday, January 28, 2011

No 7 The Circus Bath

The Circus in Bath is a leading example of Georgian architecture. Designed by John Wood the Elder and completed by his son, John Wood the Younger, construction began in 1754 and ended in 1768. Inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, The Circus was originally called 'King's Circus'.

No 7 The Circus Bath
Although most of the houses in The Circus have been divided into flats, some houses like No 7 (see below) remain. In March 2009, No 7 The Circus sold for £3.5 million. The actor Nicolas Cage is said to have paid £4 million for the house in 2007.

No 7 The Circus Bath
The Circus is located in the centre of Bath. Visitors to The Circus may also want to visit other Bath locations including the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey,  the Assembly Rooms, Prior Park, or the East Asian Museum.

Map of The Circus Bath

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