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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tomb of King Edward II

On 20 December 1327, King Edward II (1284-1327 AD) who had died at Berkeley Castle (in suspicious circumstances) was buried at Gloucester Cathedral. The popular account that Edward II was assassinated by having a red hot poker thrust into his anus is not supported by modern day historians.

A monument (see below) was erected over the tomb of the dead king. The canopy of that monument was carved from local Cotswold Limestone, and the base is faced with Purbeck Marble.

Tomb of King Edward II
For about 70 years after the king's death, the tomb was a site for pilgrimage. Popular devotion and Royal patronage led to funds flowing into the abbey, and these funds made possible the remodelling of the east end of Gloucester Cathedral to be done in the very latest 'Perpendicular' style.

Tomb of King Edward II
The Tomb of King Edward II is located inside Gloucester Cathedral. Gloucester Cathedral is located on College Green in central Gloucester. Visitors to Gloucester Cathedral may also want to visit nearby Snowshill Manor or Chedworth Roman Villa.

Gloucester Cathedral
12 College Green
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Gloucester Cathedral Map

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