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Sunday, January 9, 2011


The trebuchet (see below) was the largest and most famous of the seige engines of the middle ages. Trebuchets were very accurate and were used to breach castle walls and to destroy buildings within walled compounds.

Trebuchets were operated by winching down the throwing arm and subsequently suspending a ballast. A missile was then loaded, and when the arm was released, that missile would be hurled at an intended target. The trebuchet could hurl 15 kg missiles 120 metres.

The trebuchet seen above can be viewed by visitors to Caerphilly Castle.

Caerphilly Castle is located between the B4600 and B4623 in central Caerphilly in southern Wales just north of Cardiff. Visitors to Caerphilly Castle may also want to visit the nearby Caerleon Fortress Baths, Caerleon Amphitheatre or Roman Legionary Museum Caerleon.

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Caerphilly Castle Map

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