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Friday, February 25, 2011

Abbey Mill in Bradford-on-Avon

Abbey Mill in Bradford-on-Avon was built in 1857 by Richard Gane as a cloth factory. By 1902, Abbey Mill had closed and remained empty until 1915 when it was used for the manufacture of rubber products by the George Spencer Moulton company. In 1956, that company, including the Abbey Mill, was acquired by Avon Rubber. Abbey Mill has now been converted into retirement apartments.

Abbey Mill in Bradford-on-Avon
The view of Abbey Mill from Town Bridge in Bradford-on-Avon (see below) is sure to please the visitor.

Abbey Mill in Bradford-on-Avon
Abbey Mill is located on Church Street in Bradford-on-Avon. The visitor to Abbey Mill may also want to visit the nearby American Museum, Bath Abbey, or Roman Baths in Bath or the Saxon Church in Bradford.

Abbey Mill
Church Street

Abbey Mill in Bradford-on-Avon Map

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