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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Devizes Castle

The original Devizes Castle was built in 1080 AD by Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury. This wooden castle burnt down in 1113 and was rebuilt in stone around 1120 by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury.

During the English Civil War, Devizes Castle was occupied by Royalist troops. In 1645, Oliver Cromwell's forces, accompanied by heavy artillery, invaded the town and laid siege to the castle, which surrendered after a bombardment. In May 1648, the castle was dismantled on the heels of a Parliamentary Order, a process known as slighting.

The Victorian era 'castle' we see today (see below) is Neo-Norman/Gothic in style and was built by the Leach family in the 19th century.

Devizes Castle

Devizes Castle is now privately owned and is not accessible to visitors. Visitors to Devizes Castle may also want to visit the nearby Avebury Stone Circle, Lacock Abbey, or Great Chalfield Manor.

Castle Grounds
SN10 1HL

Devizes Castle Map

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