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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks are Britain's most inland port. Fifteen Victorian Warehouses like those seen below have been renovated and turned into offices, apartments, and museums among other things. Although Gloucester has been a port for over 2000 years, the docks that survive today are around 200 years old and were once filled with tall ocean-going ships from around the world.

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks is home to the National Waterways Museum (see below). Gloucester Waterways Museum tells the story of Britain's canals and rivers. The visitor can climb aboard historic boats, watch archive films and browse galleries packed with canal heritage and stories.

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks can be accessed direct from Southgate Street in Gloucester. The postal code is GL1 2EH. Visitors to Gloucester Docks may also want to visit nearby Gloucester Cathedral.

Tel: 01452 311190

Gloucester Docks Map

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