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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monmouth Castle

Monmouth Castle (see below) probably started out in the 11th century AD as a wooden fortress surrounded by an oval ditch. In 1067, William Fitz Osbern had been granted the lordship of Hereford and used Monmouth Castle as a base to subdue the adjacent Welsh districts of Archenfield and Gwent.

The establishment of Monmouth Castle was Fitz Osbern's attempt to stamp his authority on the region with a stronghold overlooking the confluence of the Monnow and Wye Rivers. The wooden fortress was replaced by a stone one in the 12th century.

Monmouth Castle

Remnants of the Great Tower (see below) and Hall are all that remain of the medieval Monmouth Castle. King Henry V may have been born in the Great Tower in 1387. The Great Tower is now inaccessible to visitors.

Monmouth Castle

Monmouth Castle is located just off Priory Street in Monmouth, Wales. Visitors to Monmouth Castle may also want to visit Monnow Bridge or the nearby 'Three Castles' (White Castle, Skenfrith Castle, and Grosmont Castle).

Monmouth Castle Map

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