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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle is one of 3 castles including White Castle and Grosmont Castle built before 1100 AD by the Normans to control the lands they had won in North Gwent. All 3 castles were granted to Hubert de Burgh who became king's justiciar and rebuilt Skenfrith Castle in stone as you see it below between 1228 and 1232 AD.

Skenfrith Castle
The Great Tower of Skenfrith Castle (see below) was the castle's main residence and stronghold. The Great Tower was built to a height that allowed archers on its battlements to shoot over the outer walls.

Skenfrith Castle
Skenfrith Castle is the only one of the 3 castles which is low lying. A fact which is less apparent upon visiting the castle is that Skenfrith Castle was once surrounded by a 20 foot deep paved moat.

Skenfrith Castle
Skenfrith Castle is located 6 miles northwest of Monmouth on the north side of the B4521. Visitors to Skenfrith Castle may also want to visit nearby White Castle, Grosmont Castle or Monmouth.

Skenfrith Castle
Skenfrith, near Abergavenny
Telephone: 0174 625515

Skenfrith Castle Map

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