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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lyme Regis Beaches

The main beaches at Lyme Regis are Back Beach, Monmouth Beach, Town Beach and Church Beach. Lyme Regis' beaches are mostly pebble, though there are areas of sandy beach especially at Town Beach and Church Beach, where the River Lym flows into the sea.

Sand has been imported from France to cover Town Beach near The Cobb and this beach is the most popular beach with tourists as it is close to Marine Parade and the lively pubs and restaurants here such as The Cobb Arms, The Bay Hotel, The Harbour Inn and The Rock Point Inn farther back on Broad Street.

There is enough sand here to build sandcastles.

Monmouth Beach gets its name from the Duke of Monmouth who landed here in a failed attempt to overthrow King James II in 1685. Twelve local people were hanged here by the infamous Judge Jeffreys as punishment for the failed rebellion. Monmouth Beach spreads southwest from The Cobb past Lyme Regis Bowling Club.

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