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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon

The Tithe Barn (see below) in Bradford-on-Avon is a remarkable feature of the town. The Tithe Barn is a huge (51 metres long and 9 metres wide) grade II listed building. The Tithe Barn was constructed in the 14th century and is now part of Barton Farm Country Park. The Tithe Barn was used for storage of farm products as well as for collecting taxes, in the form of goods, to fund the local parish.

Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon
The ingenious design and exceptional quality of the roof structure (see below) is the crowning glory of the Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon. The trusses have curved feet which are lodged in the walls of the barn; these are know as 'raised crucks'.

Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon
The Tithe Barn is located at the end of Pound Lane in Bradford-on-Avon. Entry is free. Visitors to the Tithe Barn may also want to see the nearby Holy Trinity Church, Abbey Mill or Town Bridge.

Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon Map

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