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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Britain's Oldest Door

Britain's oldest door is thought to be the one pictured below in Westminster Abbey in Westminster, London.

The oak door is thought to date from the 1050s and was made for the Saxon King Edward the Confessor, the founder of Westminster Abbey.

Britain's Oldest Door

Animal hide has been found on the door and there was a legend that the skin on the door was human in origin, a theory found to be false by modern archeologists.

Britain's oldest door is thought to have been made from a tree that grew in Essex and has five panels and is 6 foot 5 inches high and 4 foot wide.

Westminster Abbey is located just west of the Palace of Westminster. Visitors to Westminster Abbey may also want to visit nearby Big Ben or Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey
20 Dean's Yard
London SW1P 3PA
Tel: 020 7222 5152

Westminster Abbey Map

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