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Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Castles

The "Three Castles" refers to White Castle (see below), Skenfrith Castle (see second photo below), and Grosmont Castle (see bottom photo below) in South Wales.

The castles are grouped together as they were usually under the control of a single lord in the Monnow Valley in what is now present-day Monmouthshire.

The castles were built to secure the trade route through the valley and as a watchpost against the Welsh.

White Castle

The Three Castles were often granted as a set to a favourite lord by the ruling king of the time. Hubert de Burgh in the 13th century undertook a variety of improvements to the fortresses, upgrades that can still be seen today.

Skenfrith Castle

White Castle is located between the B4521 and the B4233 east of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, Wales; Skenfrith Castle is situated 6 miles northwest of Monmouth on the north side of the B4521, and Grosmont Castle is located in Grosmont, Monmouthshire very near the present English / Welsh border, approximately 8 miles northeast of Abergavenny. Grosmont Castle is just off the B4347.

Grosmont Castle

The Three Castles Walk is a public path that takes in the Three Castles on a 19 mile (30 km) circular route.
Visitors to the Three Castles may also want to visit nearby Tintern Abbey, or Caerleon.

White Castle Map

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