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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bath Weirs

A weir is a small overflow dam which changes the flow characteristics of a river.

Bath Waterway, south west England

Normally, weirs consist of a barrier across the river that causes water to pool behind the weir but allows water to flow over the top. Weirs are commonly used to prevent flooding and to help make a river navigable.

The Pulteney Weir in Bath (see below) is located in the centre of Bath and serves as a starting point for boating services such as the Pulteney Cruisers.

Pulteney Weir

Upstream from Pulteney Weir is the Bathampton Weir (see below).

Bathampton Weir

Visitors to Pulteney Weir may want to take in the sights of central Bath including the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, or Sally Lunn's.

Pulteney Weir map

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