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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle peers down on the city of Edinburgh from its perch on an extinct volcano. The history of Edinburgh Castle is bound up with the history of the Scottish nation and as such Edinburgh Castle is the most popular attraction in the country.

The earliest parts of Edinburgh Castle date from the 12th century with additions and renovations taking place right into the 20th century. Edinburgh Castle was the residence of Scottish monarchs until the Union with England in 1603, though by the 15th century Scotland's kings and queens preferred to lodge in other, more comfortable locations. Nowadays the castle remains a military fortress with a Scottish regiment in residence at all times.

Things for visitors to take in on a tour of Edinburgh Castle are the Esplanade - a parade ground used for the annual Edinburgh Tattoo in August, the National War Museum, St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh's oldest building dating back to the time of King David I and the Stone of Destiny (Stone of Scone).

Other notable architectural points of interest at Edinburgh Castle are the Half Moon Battery, the Portcullis Gate and the Mill's Mount Battery, from where Edinburgh's one o'clock gun is fired.

Edinburgh Castle
Tel: 0131 225 9846

Opening times
9:30am - 6pm
1 Apr - 30 Sep
9:30am - 5pm
1 Oct - 31 Mar

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

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