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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teignmouth Pier & Beach

Teignmouth Beach is the nearest seaside town for people living in Newton Abbot, just a short drive away. Teignmouth is also on the bus route from Exeter to Torquay on the number #85 as well as on the London-Penzance rail line.

Teignmouth Pier is the main attraction in town and looks colourful in the late afternoon light.

A now rather faded, ramshackled affair, Teignmouth Pier retains something of its Victorian past amongst the usual souvenir shops, radio controlled models, kids' rides, and go-karting track.

Teignmouth is connected by local bus and train to Exeter and Torquay. The train takes 30 minutes to Exeter and 20 minutes to Torquay. Bus times are an hour to Exeter and 30 minutes to Torquay.

The Pier
TQ14 8BB
Tel: 01626 774367

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Worthing Wanderer said...

A lovely place - I was enchanted by Teignmouth. It is also a fantastic place to walk. I hope a few people might be inspired by my walks at http://worthingwanderer.blogspot.com/2011/04/south-west-coast-path-section-45.html