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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chester Cathedral

Located in the heart of Chester, Chester Cathedral has a long history with the possibility that a Roman temple once stood on the site. A Christian church has indeed stood here since the 7th century and the present church dates from the Norman period when a great monastery was built in new red sandstone, becoming a cathedral after Henry VIII's dissolution of England's monasteries and the seizing of their lands and wealth.

The earlier monastery was remodelled over the ages until the 15th century and restoration work was carried out in the 19th century by the celebrated architect George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878), who also designed the Albert Memorial across from the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Chester Cathedral is known for its fantastic stained glass windows, historic woodwork in the quire dating from 1380 and the only remaining ecclesiastical court in Britain.

Chester Cathedral
12 Abbey Square
Tel: 01244 324756

Other attractions in Chester include the Rows, the Roman Amphitheatre, the city walls, and the Meadows.

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