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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thomas Oken's House

The plaque on the building below reads: "Here lived Thomas Oken, a great benefactor to Warwick. He died here on the 29th July 1573."

At the time that Warwick was granted its town charter in 1545, Thomas Oken was a mercer and master of a guild. Oken may have been the richest man in Warwick; he made his fortune dealing in wool and woven fabrics. Later, when Henry VIII dissolved the guilds, Thomas Oken helped to transfer the assets of the guilds to the local corporation and various charities before they could be seized by the crown. Thomas Oken is remembered for his charitable actions, especially his provision of almshouses for Warwick's poor in the 16th Century.

Thomas Oken's House used to be Warwick's doll museum, but it closed in 2004. Visitors today will find that Thomas Oken's house has been turned into the Thomas Oken Tea Rooms. Thomas Oken's House remains a house worth visiting as it is a fine example of a timber-framed building.

Thomas Oken's House is located next to Warwick Castle.

Thomas Oken Tea Rooms
20 Castle Street
CV34 4BP
Tel: 01926 499307

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