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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boat Trips on the River Dee

Summer in England is never more fun than when messing about on boats.

There are a number of possibilities available to get afloat on the River Dee in Chester whether on a rowboat or paddle boat or something a little more grand and much less strenuous.

ChesterBoat offer a variety of cruises including a 30-minute River Dee cruise past the Suspension Bridge and the Meadows, a longer two hour cruise and a joint bus and boat tour of Chester. Saturday nights feature a themed cruise with disco and BBQ supper. All cruises sail from the boating station on The Groves.

The River Dee in Chester is a short stroll from the Roman Amphitheater, St John's Church, the Meadows, Grosvenor Park, the Rows, Chester Cathedral and the Cross.

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